With more than 40 years of experience in the various construction sectors of Estrie and Haute-Yamaska, Réjean Gince is a renowned businessman known for having founded Allaire and Gince de Granby, a company specialized in the civil construction sector and in the industrial and commercial building.

In 2014, Mr. Gince launched a new company and became a real estate developer. Groupe Immobilier Gince quickly joins the services of a complete team of great experience and ensures the sustainability of the company by appointing Karine Gince, his daughter, to the vice-presidency of the company. She currently manages the projects and shares the management responsibilities of the company.

The first real estate project to see the day in 2015 is Carré Gince. The project stands out for its unparalleled success in Waterloo. In the fall of 2017, again in Waterloo, the “Quartier L’Estriade” rental project is taking shape and other major projects are expected soon!

Our vision

Customer satisfaction is our source of motivation. Our goal is to develop a relationship of trust with our customers while responding to their requests and respecting deadlines. We are here to listen, advise and guide you. Customer support is a priority at all stages of the purchase process, from financing to the choice of materials to taking possession.

We have established the head office at the heart of one of the Group’s real estate projects in Waterloo, allowing us to maintain direct contact with the owners. Proximity, communication, and accessibility are at the heart of our priorities.

The suppliers of Groupe Immobilier Gince are chosen not only because of their expertise, but also because of their proximity. Groupe Gince grants several contracts to workers in the region and contributes in this way to create employment.

Our values

Our approach is to create pleasant, safe and sustainable living environments, respecting the environment and to offer you a quality of life in harmony with nature. Build homes that meet the needs of the young family, professionals, first-time buyers, families and retirees.

Because we are convinced that buying a property is one of the biggest investments of your life. We assure you quality constructions meeting all the standards of the industry and even more. Our know-how and our experience are at your disposal to offer you the best possible service.

Our expertise

Eco-responsible approach

Proximity of services and shops, choice of local suppliers, conservation of trees on the grounds, landscaping of the neighborhood, construction of platforms and benches for the observation of fauna and flora and protection of wetlands, easy access to bike paths and hiking trails : everything is done for the respect of the environment and the concern for a sustainable development.

100% Design

Our projects are developed with teams of renowned architects and designers who ensure the creation of living environments and interior spaces appropriate to the needs of buyers and properties that integrate harmoniously into their neighborhood and their municipality. Innovation is the driving force behind our motivation. In all projects, the design of each house is tailored to the budget of each family while maximizing the primary objective which is the pleasure of living there.

Architectural efficiency

The price-quality ratio of each unit is studied closely to ensure the buyer a fair price in line with the market value – which will enable him to obtain a return on investment at the time of the resale. A design which survives time, quality materials, compliance with building standards, dedicated and honest suppliers, a qualified workforce are all guarantees of optimized architectural efficiency.

Our team

Réjean Gince


A well-known businessman, Réjean Gince has been contributing to the rise of the Estrie and Haute Yamaska economic market for almost forty years and continues his mission as a real estate developer. Its priority is the acquisition of new spaces for future residential projects and the overall management of the company.

Karine Gince


Ms. Gince manages the company’s project management activities and acts as the President’s right handler in all of her activities. Ms. Gince has specialized training in management of construction companies and administration. She was previously at the National Bank where she was an influential collaborator for almost seven years.